Resolution funds

In the resolution of a bank, DNB may have recourse to two resolution funds if necessary: the National Resolution Fund (NRF) and the European Single Resolution Fund (SRF).


The resolution authorities – DNB and the Single Resolution Board in Brussels – can use these funds under strict conditions, for example to grant loans to an ailing bank, to guarantee assets or to provide capital for a bridge bank. Banks and certain investment firms contribute to the funds.

Single Resolution Fund

Banks and investment firms covered by the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM)are obliged to contribute to the SRF. The SRF is a European fund with a target level of 1% of the amount of covered deposits in the euro area. According to an estimate by the European Commission this is approximately EUR 60 billion. In eight years (2016-2023), this will be achieved by collecting (partially risk-based) premiums from banks in the countries participating in the SRM.  The SRF can be used for all banks in the SRM.

National Resolution Fund

Branches of banks or investment firms from outside the European Union contribute to the NRF. This also applies to investment firms that are subject to the start-up capital requirement of EUR 730,000. The NRF is funded by lump sum contributions in the period 2015-2024 This fund is ultimately expected to amount to EUR 3-4 million. The NRF can only be used for the institutions that contribute to it.

Contribution process

To learn more about the contribution process, read our FAQ on resolution fund contributions