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DNB has specified further rules on the scope and execution of the deposit guarantee scheme (DGS). Doing so, DNB provides more insight for depositors on how a number of potential situations are dealt with during a DGS payout situation. You can find a list of current regulations and publications below.

Policy Rule on the Scope and Execution of the DGS 

The Policy Rule on the Scope and Execution of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme further specifies policy rules concerning elements where Dutch legislation allows DNB discretionary power, or where further explanation is necessary. In the future, we may supplement the Policy Rule with provisions on other DGS-related topics as required.

The policy rule specifies how to deal with escrow accounts. This information is also required to compile the Single Customer View (SCV). The Policy Rule also specifies the ranking of eligible deposits, offering a framework to determine the order in which accounts are set off when determining the guaranteed amount for each deposit holder in the event of resolution or a DGS payout situation.

First round of amendments to DGS regulation (February 2019)

We amended the Policy Rule on the Scope and Execution of the DGS in 2019. The principal additions to the policy rule related to dealing with temporarily high balances, structured deposits, and customers holding deposits in different countries. Following a public consultation at the end of 2018, the amendments were published in the Government Gazette in February 2019. The document First round of amendments to the Deposit Guarantee Scheme Rules - Final adoption presents more information and the feedback to the consultation responses. We have prepared a new version of the interactive consolidated publication (at the moment available in Dutch only), in which the February 2019 changes have been incorporated in the DGS regulations pertaining to the SCV ('Regelgeving Depositogarantiestelsel – Februari 2019').


Regelgeving Depositogarantiestelsel (tweede publicatie - februari 2019)


Eerste Wijzigingsronde Regelgeving DGS - Definitieve Vaststelling - Februari 2019


Consultatiedocument Eerste Wijzigingsronde Regelgeving Depositogarantiestelsel – oktober 2018


Regelgeving Depositogarantiestelsel – juli 2017


Consultatiedocument Regelgeving Depositogarantiestelsel – maart 2017