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Reciprocation of the Belgian macroprudential measure- combined risk-weight increase for mortgage loans


In line with the recommendation of ESRB, DNB has decided to extend the reciprocation of the existing Belgian macroprudential measure specified below until April 2022. In doing so, it aims to contribute to effective macroprudential policy by preventing regulatory arbitrage. Due to the (extension of) reciprocation, a risk weight increase applies to the portfolio of mortgage loans secured by residential real estate located in Belgium, of Dutch credit institutions using the Internal Ratings Based (IRB) Approach. 

Published: 30 September 2021

The reciprocated measure applies to the exposures of branches of Dutch credit institutions or direct cross-border exposures of Dutch credit institutions to Belgium. The measure has two components. The first component is an add-on of 33 per cent of the exposure-weighted average of the risk-weights applied to the portfolio of these retail exposures. The second component is a flat 5 percentage points add-on to the risk weight of the first component. An institution-specific materiality threshold of EUR 2 billion applies, whereby Dutch credit institutions are exempted from the measure if the exposures in scope of it are below EUR 2 billion.

For more information on the measure, please check the ESRB website on the Belgian measure and the Recommendation of the ESRB of 30 April 2021.


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