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Reassessment of incumbent policymakers and co-policymakers for a different position


Published: 11 November 2019


A fitness assessment is position-specific, meaning that an individual is assessed for each proposed position. This also applies when a previously assessed management or supervisory board member is given a different position or remit.


In principle, a propriety assessment is a one-time procedure. This means a change in position or remit does not require another propriety assessment, unless relevant new facts have emerged. The crypto service provider will be asked to confirm that no new facts have emerged.

For individuals previously assessed on fitness and/or propriety by the AFM we will decide on a case-by-case basis whether reassessment is necessary. DNB works closely with the AFM, including in the area of assessments, and we may attend each other's assessment interviews. For instance, if the assessment involves a firm holding a licence issued by the AFM.

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