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Who is assessed?


Pursuant to the Wwft, the following individuals must be assessed for fitness and propriety.

Published: 06 March 2023

Board members and co-policymakers

Members of the management board as registered with the Chamber of Commerce and co-policymakers are assessed for fitness and propriety. Co-policymakers are persons who can actually exert substantial influence on the day-to-day management of the company, for example by approving policies. Requests for registration should therefore clearly specify the firm's organisational and control structure.

Supervisory board or committee

Depending on its legal structure, a crypto service provider may have a supervisory body in place, such as a supervisory board or committee. The members of these are assessed for fitness and propriety.

Holders of a qualifying holding

In this context, a holder of a qualifying holding is understood to refer to natural persons with a direct or indirect holding of at least ten per cent of the issued share capital or a similar holding, or natural persons holding directly or indirectly at least ten per cent of the voting rights, or natural persons able to exercise equivalent control. Pursuant to the Wwft, these individuals must be assessed for propriety before they can be permitted to take up activities in or act on behalf of the service provider.

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