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Fees for registration, assessment and supervision


Supervision fees and charges can be broken down into one-off charges and fees for regular supervision.

Published: 27 March 2023

1. One-off charges for processing applications for registration and for applications for fit and proper assessments of policymakers and co-policymakers

One-off charges apply to applications for registration as a crypto service provider and for fit and proper assessments. The amounts are laid down in the Regulation on the funding of one-off supervisory actions.

  • Processing an application for registration as meant in Section 23b of the Wwft (including assessments as meant in Section 23h of the Wwft): EUR 6,300
  • Fit and proper assessments of natural persons, not in the context of a registration as meant in Section 23b of the Wwft:
    • Section 23h(1) of the Wwft (fitness): EUR 2,000
    • Section 23h(2) and (4) of the Wwft (propriety): EUR 1,100
    • Section 23h (3) of the Wwft (reputation and propriety): EUR 1,300

This implies that if you apply for registration, you will not be charged separately for fit and proper assessments of incumbent board members. However, if new board members are appointed after registration, or if board members change their position or remit within your organisation, they must be reassessed for propriety.

The charge for processing applications for registration is the same for all types of services. You pay the same charge whether you are offering services for the exchange between virtual and fiduciary currencies, services for the provision of custodian wallets, or both. If you provide one of these services, and after registration decide that you also wish to offer the other service, you must submit a new application for registration for that other service and pay the related charges. We must perform a new assessment for this other service and check whether you meet the relevant requirements.

2. Regular supervision fees

Pursuant to the Financial Supervision Funding Act (Wet bekostiging financieel toezicht), the costs for regular financial supervision are passed on to the institutions that are subject to this supervision. Each year, DNB draws up a budget and charges the resulting fees for regular supervision to the institutions. In the following year, the difference between actual costs and fees received is calculated and charged to the institutions based on a specific measure.

The fees for regular supervision are calculated on the basis of the measure for the previous year pursuant to the Financial Supervision Funding Decree. Given that our supervision of crypto service providers commenced on 21 May 2020, data for 2019 are unavailable and no calculation can be made on the basis of measures for 2020. For this reason, only a base amount will be charged to all crypto service providers in 2020. This amount is stated in the Regulation on the Funding of Financial Supervision 2020, together with the following explanatory note: “The base amount of EUR 29,850 referred to will be substantially lower in actual effect. The amount is an annual fee, whereas the applicable legislation only took effect on 21 May 2020. Most parties have been subject to supervision since that date. Their fee must be calculated pro rata to the part of the year during which they are subject to supervision. For those parties, the amount will be just over EUR 18,000”. The difference between actual costs incurred and fees received in 2020 will subsequently be charged to the registered institutions in 2021.