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01 April 2017

When applying for authorisation from DNB, you should bear in mind the following processing times. The time between submitting your application and receiving DNB's decision differs for each application.

The statutory consideration period for an application to be authorised as an electronic money institution is three months. The consideration period will start when we have received your full application.

We have learned from experience that the total application processing time tends to be longer than three months. This is because the consideration period does not start until the application is complete. The consideration process may also be halted if information is missing, or your application prompts additional questions. We will then ask you to provide us with the said information, and re-start consideration of your application when we have received all relevant information. If you do not supplement your application on request, or not sufficiently so, we may decide to cease consideration of your application.

The time we need to handle your application greatly depends on its quality standard and completeness and the supplementary information that you provide. If for any reason we are unable to come to a decision within the set time limit, we will inform you accordingly. Generally speaking, we can say that the better the quality of your submitted application (both on content and completeness), the quicker we can process it.

You are of course also welcome to contact our Expert Centre on Market Access to announce your application for authorisation, and to enquire after the expected processing time. You can contact the expert centre at: markttoegang@dnb.nl