2019-04-29 DNB will publish its xBRL taxonomies in a different way

Currently DNB issues the xBRL taxonomies for the reporting institutions as one package (zip file) via the DLR - Digital Reporting Portal (e.g. BSI Reporting: link). It turned out that these packages could not easily be combined with other packages, which required manual adjustment. This is an undesirable situation.
That is why DNB has decided to adjust the way of packaging in two steps.

New method of packaging.

In the future the following four packages will be published by DNB:

1. Two packages for each Reporting Framework: 1a. A package with the Reporting Framework
1b. A package with the Data Dictionary, explicitly for the Reporting Framework listed in 1a; elements that are only used in other frameworks are not included here.
2. Two common packages: 2a. A package with the full DNB Data Dictionary
2b. A package with the Supplementary Taxonomies (these are taxonomies that are not managed by DNB but are necessary for the proper functioning of the DNB taxonomies - these are www.xbrl.org and www.eurofiling.info).

The first two packages will be published on the DLR page dedicated to the relevant reporting type and institution type.

The common packages 2a. and 2b can be found in the Downloads section of the General page of the DLR (link). For documentation purposes an Excel file is provided with details of all the elements included in de Data Dictionary.

Through the naming of the packages you can always find sufficient version information to verify that you have downloaded the latest version. The table below shows the formats used for the names.

Package Naming format Example
1a. Reporting Framework DNB {TAX_FW_MNEMONIC} Reporting Framework {TAX_FW_VERSION} DNB AV Reporting Framework 1.0.0
1b. Reporting Data Dictionary DNB {TAX_DD_MNEMONIC} Reporting Data Dictionary {TAX_FW_VERSION} {TAX_DD_PUBLICATION_DATE} DNB AV Reporting Data Dictionary 1.0.0 2019-03-06
2a. DNB Data Dictionary DNB Data Dictionary {DNB_DD_PUBLICATION_DATE} DNB Data Dictionary 2019-04-24
2b. DNB Reporting Supplementary Taxonomies DNB Reporting Supplementary Taxonomies {DNB_SUPPL_PUBLICATION_DATE} DNB Reporting Supplementary Taxonomies 2019-03-06

You will of course be notified of the reporting of new (versions of) the xBRL taxonomies in the usual way.


The first step will be taken in September 2019. The DNB Data Dictionary (2a) shall be available on the designated DLR page from 27 September. The Reporting Framework packages will still contain, in addition to the Reporting Framework (1a), the specific Data Dictionary (1b) and the Supplementary Taxonomies (2b).

Later in the year the final split into the individual packages will be performed. More news will follow later.

For questions about these packages and other technical questions about the DNB xBRL taxonomies

Additional technical documentation about packages can be found on the xBRL.org page (link). If you have any technical questions about this change or other technical questions about DNB's xBRL taxonomies, please send your query to xBRL@dnb.nl.