09-03-2017 AnaCredit Manual Part 2 available

On 1 March the ECB has published the AnaCredit Manual part 2 on the ECB website (https://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/money_credit_banking/anacredit/html/index.en.html ).

The first part (which has been published on 9 November 2016) contains mainly the general methodology and reporting principles. Part 2 deals in more detail with the several datasets and data attributes. The Manual does not take into account the specific implementation choices made by the individual Member States. So the Manual should be read taking into account the Dutch implementation and the choices made by DNB. For example, in the Netherlands our own logical data model (LDM) and data delivery agreement (DDA) are leading.

DNB will also assess the Manual carefully and provide extra instructions and explanations if needed. De finalization of part 2 of the Manual can possibly also have small consequences for the LDM and DDA.

In case of question about the Manual, please sent these questions and comments toanacredit@dnb.nl . The ESCB has decided that the contact with the reporting agents will run via the national central banks. The ECB and NCBs have agreed on a procedure in order to address the questions that reporting agents in the euro area have. The answers to these questions will be made available via a Q&A section on the ECB website.

The ECB and NCBs are currently working on part 3 of the Manual as well as on the Q&A. The publication of part 3 of the Manual is scheduled for May 2017.