27-07-2018 DNB offers DLR testing opportunity

As we informed you previously, Banks must submit their BSI- and MIR-reports through our Digital Reporting Portal (Digitaal Loket Rapportages – DLR) effective from the December 2018 / Q4 2018 reporting period. To facilitate a smooth migration process, we offer the opportunity of testing the september 2018 / Q3 2018 submissions in the DLR. This letter is to inform you of this testing opportunity. It is an opportunity to submit test-reports, prior to the final migration of these reports to the DLR. The testing opportunity will be available in the DLR from Monday October 1 until Friday October 19th 2018. While submitting a test report is not obligatory, we highly recommend that you do so. It will reduce the likelihood of you encountering unexpected problems during your first obligatory submission. 

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