OTC derivatives reporting

DNB introduces a new reporting system for the OTC derivatives report, the Digitaal Loket Rapportages (DLR). As of the reporting period 2016H2 the OTC derivatives report for the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are to be submitted via the DLR.

The new OTC derivatives report is based on an XBRL taxonomy developed by DNB. The documentation concerning this new report was sent on 29 March 2016 to the reporting institutions. An updated version of this documentation is also available via the Downloads link at the bottom of this page.

eHerkenning log-in token required

Reporting institutions require a log-in token to use the DLR. More information about eHerkenning is available in the General section. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to provide the contact details for the staff member authorised on your institution's behalf.

User documentation

The DLR user documentation is available on the website in the General section. This is also where you can find the latest news on the DLR and information about the initial log-in period. We will announce further details about when DLR becomes available for OTC derivatives reporting on this page and communicate it to the reporting institutions.