Monthly Securities Report

The collection of statistical data and the production of statistics is one of the statutory duties of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). A new monthly report on securities will start in July 2020, entitled Monthly Securities Report (MSR). The purpose of this report is to better observe securities transactions by Dutch institutions. On this page you will find news items and user documentation (including the XBRL taxonomy files and a manual). You can find the Data Dictionary here. You can download the Excel annotated templates by signing into the digital reporting platform (DLR) and selecting one of your MER-reporting obligations.

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Submission calendar monthly reports 2020

Month 2020Submission deadline (15th working day)
July 202021 August 2020
August 202021 September 2020
September 202021 October 2020
October 202020 November 2020
November 202021 December 2020
December 202022 January 2021