18-12-2018 Release XBRL taxonomy version 1.0.3 PPI reporting - final version

Release XBRL taxonomy version 1.0.3 PPI reporting - final version

On 18 December 2018, DNB published version 1.0.3 of the XBRL taxonomy of the PPI reports for premium pension institutions. This release is the final version for the reports in 2019. Compared to the version published in September, this release contains an adaptation on table group TG-16, as already communicated in August. In addition, a number of improvements to the validation rules have been implemented. These improvements are a result of findings that came to light during the pilot in October. As previously announced, the conceptual framework remains unchanged. The publication date in the entry points has been changed from 2018-06-29 to 2018-12-31 in this version of the taxonomy. At the beginning of January, the annual reporting obligation will become available in the DLR. The quarterly report will become visible on April 1. The reports can be submitted in XBRL format or via the Excel input option. The input file will be available for download in the reporting obligation in the DLR.

You can find the taxonomy with the Release Notes and a manual on the DLR page of the Statistics website, under the heading taxonomy specifications.

For questions about this news item, please contact the Helpdesk Premium Pension Institutions (helpdesk-premiepensioeninstellingen@DNB.nl or 020-5246260).