Changes in reports as from January 2006

As of January 2006, the Netherlands is required under international legislation to compile a statistic on macroeconomic sectoral accounts. Sectoral accounts present the operation of financing processes between the several sectors in an economy, including the sector 'rest of the world'. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) have agreed not to create separate reports on behalf of the sectoral accounts. The collection of data has been integrated into the Balance of Payments reports on cross-border positions and transactions (DRA reports).

The modifications made to DRA reporting forms from reporting month January 2006 onward vary per profile. Data on domestic positions and transactions, among other things, must now be reported in DRA reports by:

  • pension funds (profile PNS up to and including December 2005, afterwards profile PNK or PNM)
  • insurance companies (profile VRZ up to and including December 2005, afterwards profile VRK or VRM)

For most of the other profiles, modifications are less pronounced. No modifications have been made to reports by profiles CLM, SLB en SLN. Reporting forms for the following profiles were changed as of the report on the month January 2006: NFV, OFI, BLG, VRZ, PNS, BFI, MFI, BWB, CSD and OVH.

Below are the documents for each profile presenting the modifications applicable as of the reports on the month January 2006. Not all documents are available in Dutch. Our appologies for the inconvenience.