03-09-2010 New version of the Explanatory Notes on DRA reporting for pension funds (profiles PNM and PNK)

The main changes are:

  • Integrated explanatory notes: the notes for both profiles, PNK (quarterly) and PNM (monthly) have been merged into a single document.The integrated notes explain for every form/statement which items and which rows must be reported for which profile(s). Form-based explanatory notes: the notes used to be given in the order in which you encountered them in the monthly, quarterly or yearly reports.To make the notes more usable as an instruction manual or for reference, they are now presented on a form-by-form basis. For each form, the notes state what information you should report at which frequencies.
  • Terminology alignment: in several ways, the terms used in the explanatory notes have been aligned more closely with the terminology commonly used by pension funds.
  • Detailed examples: in the past many pension funds encountered difficulties in reporting derivatives.Therefore we have provided detailed examples for all derivatives forms to help you complete the forms correctly.
  • More specific guidance: guidance has been made more specific in several areas. We have clarified and narrowed down the wording of how to deal with estimations and investments placed through insurers, and exactly what to report under ‘transactions’ and ‘other changes’ for several items where this tended to caused confusion.We recommend that you read through the notes. Please contact your DNB account manager if you have any questions concerning the explanatory notes or this email message.