25-01-2013 Change in the explanatory notes for profiles NFV and OFI

As of 21 January 2013 the notes to the reporting profiles NFV and OFI have been changed (notes to the reporting profiles NFV en OFI are only available in Dutch). This change concerns the reporting of foreign trade credits longer than one year.  The monthly forms (PO-HL and AO-HL) are unchanged, but the notes to the reporting profiles NFV and OFI now makes a distinct difference between foreign trade credits intra-group and outside the group. Short-term trade credits outside the group should not be reported in the balance of payments report. Intra-group short-term trade credits should be reported on sub form AO-RC (current foreign accounts). Furthermore, it is emphasized that all assets and liabilities in current account should be reported as one amount under assets on sub form AO-RC (with exception of working capital provided to foreign branches, which must be reported on subform AD-C). Debt should be mentioned as a negative amount.

If you have any questions regarding the changes in the notes to the reporting forms please contact your Account manager at DNB.