19-10-2017 News adjustment registration form BFI

Due to heightened security measures, DNB has recently started to block active content in incoming emails. Examples of active content include macros and scripts in Office, or PDF files that may be attached to emails.


Our own registration forms also used to contain macros, which were then sent to us.  As these macros are now blocked, these forms have been modified and replaced on our website. When you have completed all the fields and hit send, the file will be saved as a PDF and added as an attachment to an email in Microsoft Outlook. If you use another email client please save the form as a PDF and then send it together with the group structure (PDF) to sir.dra@dnb.nl.  In order to ensure we receive the form that you send to us, please update your bookmarks/favorites, and stop using any previous versions that may be saved on your computer. You can only be certain that we will receive the form if you ensure you send us the most recent version (version 2.5).


If you have any questions or problems, please contact our service desk on +31 20 524 6111 or your account manager.