19-12-2017 Changes in the reporting instructions

DNB has updated the DRA reporting instructions for pension funds. For one part this implies tightening up the rules and clarifications because of the communication with you in the past. In addition, the two circulars which DNB has issued before (December 6, 2016 and July 31, 2017) have been incorporated in this new version 2.0.

These changed reporting instructions will come into effect immediately, and will be found on DNB’s website: https://www.dnb.nl/en/statistics/eline-bb/reporting-profiles/pnk/index.jsp and https://www.dnb.nl/en/statistics/eline-bb/reporting-profiles/pnm/index.jsp.

Should there be issues that induce reporters to report major changes in the data compared with the old reporting instructions, then they are given time to implement these changes until July 1, 2018. If that is the case your DNB account manager would like to receive this information in the short term. This point in time does not apply for the changes in the two communicated circulars mentioned before; these have their own commencement dates.

If you may have any questions, please contact your DNB account manager.