02-03-2009 Message for Special purpose vehicles (SPV's)

On 19 December 2008, the European Central Bank issued Regulation (EC) 24/2009, ref. no. ECB/2008/30. This Regulation relates to statistics on the assets and liabilities of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) that carry on securitisation transactions. De Nederlandsche Bank is responsible for implementing this Regulation at the national level. One aspect of the Regulation concerns an obligation on Dutch-based SPVs engaging in securitisation transactions to register with DNB. Existing SPVs must register with DNB before 1 April 2009. Newly created SPVs must register within one week after the ‘commencement of the activities’ (starten van de werkzaamheden). You may register SPVs either digitally or in writing. Digital registration offers the possibility to register several SPVs at once. Both versions, including a glossary, can be downloaded below. For more information please contact our Service Desk at 020 - 524 2410.