19-10-2009 Logging into e-Line Betalingsbalans for representatives changed

The following message is addressed to representatives who report to De Nederlandsche Bank on behalf of third parties. At the request of administrative consultancies (administratiekantoren), the e-Line log-in procedure has been revised so that, once you are logged in as representative, you will be shown a list of individual institutions for which you submit reports, including their registration numbers, profiles and outstanding reporting requirements. As of 19 October 2009, the individual e-Line Betalingsbalans log-in codes of the entities for which your firm acts as representative have been invalidated.

The individual firms’ registration numbers and passwords can no longer be used to log in. You may only log in using your own firm’s registration number and password. Once logged in you may click on ‘production module’ and after that ‘report’ to see a list of your clients’ reporting requirements along with their registration numbers and reporting profiles.

If you have questions about registration numbers and passwords, we recommend you to send an e-mail to sir.dra@dnb.nl. We will contact you as soon as possible with the right information.

For questions regarding technical support, you may contact our Service Desk on weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00 hours CET, telephone number 020-5246111. For substantive questions, you should apply to your relation manager at De Nederlandsche Bank.