25-11-2009 XML specifications for changed reporting forms for BFIs and reporting of subforms D-OTV and countersector SPV

In view of the changes in the reporting forms for special financial institutions (BFIs) and other reporting profiles relating to subform D-OTV and countersector SPV, new files with XML specifications have been set up. These are required for importing data from the administration into e-Line BB. There are two files, namely:

1. 'XML-specificaties voor de DRA-rapportages vanaf december 2009.xls'. This file applies to reports for the BFI profile, in which the annual statements over 2009 were changed (D-OTV and countersector SPV have not been included in this);

2. 'XML-specificaties voor de DRA-rapportages vanaf december 2010.xls'. This file applies to reports for all profiles with data as of January 2010. It contains the addition of the BFS profile and corresponding forms, and for all reporting profiles the changed specifications for the D-OTV and countersector SPV forms. You can find thes files under the menu item Manuals. The link also provides access to supplementary documentation regarding the generation of XML/CSV files. Meanwhile, the test module with the changed Dutch reports has become available in e-Line Balance of Payments, so that the (new) import files can be checked.