30-01-2007 New country codes

New internationally recognised country codes have been adopted for Serbia and Montenegro. As of January 2007, separate reports are required for these two countries. The current code for ‘Serbia and Montenegro’, CS, is to be replaced by RS (Serbia) and ME (Montenegro).DNB introduces the RS and ME country codes as of reporting month January 2007 in its DRA reporting forms in e-Line BoP. As of reporting month January 2007, the old CS code will no longer be accepted as a valid code.

How does e-Line handle this? Up to reporting month December 2006, country code CS may be used normally. When you open the reporting form for January 2007, e-Line will show the end-December 2006 closing positions as the1 January 2007opening positions, with the obsolete country code CS. The reporter must replace CS by either or both new country codes (otherwise, the final check will report an error message, ‘country no longer exists’), and may have to split the amount reported under the old country code into two as well. Once the change has been made, the report can be completed normally.