11-10-2011 Treatment transfer securities RBS NV in DRA-reporting


In April 2011 RBS Group has announced that assets of the Dutch subsidiary RBS NV will transfer to RBS Plc in the United Kingdom. On 17 October 2011 a substantial part of the issued securities of RBS NV will transfer to RBS Plc, which will cause a change in residency of the issuer from resident to non-resident. When you report securities of RBS NV in your DRA-reports, then this transfer will have consequences for the way in which you have to report these securities starting with reporting month of October 2011. In the attached instructions an explanation is given of how you have to report the transfer in the DRA-reports of October. For more information about the transfer and the concerning ISIN codes that will be transferred, please see the attachments below (only available in Dutch) and the website of RBS Group (http://www.investors.rbs.com/RBS_NV). In case of questions about this message and about the reporting instructions, please contact your account manager at DNB.