31-10-2014 New report form for investment funds

As from quarterly reports on the fourth quarter of 2014 a new form - AEL - has been added in the quarterly reporting of investment funds under the BIC and BIV profiles in e-Line BB. This extension follows from Regulation (EU) No 1073/2013 of the European Central Bank concerning statistics on the assets and liabilities of investment funds (recast) (ECB/2013/38).

In the new form reporting institutions are required to report positions (outstanding amounts) of securities lent out or sold under repurchase agreements.
The form consists - just as the current forms with regard to securities - of a number of subforms: shares (without ISIN), capital market paper (without ISIN), money market paper (without ISIN), shares (with ISIN), capital and money market paper (with ISIN).
An important difference with the other current forms concerning securities is that both domestic and foreign securities should be reported on these forms. Furthermore, no transactions (and other changes) and also no further breakdowns have to be provided.
In addition, the respective securities should also (still) be reported on the other securities forms (AEB and AEN).

Under Downloads you will find the relevant form and explanatory notes thereto, for information. The explanatory statement is also included in version 2.4 of the explanatory notes on the investment funds reports (page 79) and the form in the form set version 2.3 in Excelformat, likewise to be found under Downloads.

If you have any questions in response to these changes, please contact your reporting handler / account manager at DNB.