28-11-2014 Changes in reporting instructions for investment funds

Mandatory reporting of held securities with ISIN code

Investment funds are obliged to report data on its held securities with ISIN code in its statistical reports to DNB. This is provided for in article 3 (1) of Regulation (EU) No. 1011/2012 of the European Central Bank of 17 October 2012 concerning statistics on holdings of securities (ECB/2012/24). This applies specifically to the reporting for the balance of payments and/or sector statistics which is submitted through the e-Line Betalingsbalans application.
Held securities which have an ISIN code may therefore no longer be reported on an aggregate (non ISIN) way. DNB request investment funds to apply this starting from the reference month November 2014 or the fourth quarter of 2014, as far as this was not the case yet. Transfer of aggregated reporting to ISIN reporting should take place by means of a decrease via other changes on the non-ISIN forms and then an increase via other changes on the ISIN-forms.
Apart from this, DNB would like to receive the issued securities as much as possible with ISIN code as well, unless otherwise indicated by DNB (bilaterally).

Shift of sector of financial holding companies

In the international statistical standards the classification of companies and financial institutions has been changed. This may affect your reports for investment funds.
All financial holding companies are now regarded as a financial institution. What is new is, that this also applies to financial holding companies of (in majority) non-financial companies. This applies especially to topholdings and not to intermediate holdings. This means that these financial holding companies shift from the sector non-financial institutions (NFI) to the sector other financial institutions (OFI). The most important companies (which for now are the most relevant ones) are communicated by email and are available at your account manager at S&I.
This is important if your institution has positions vis-à-vis these entities which have to be reported with counterpart sector. If that is the case, then DNB requests to process this in your reporting as of reference month October 2014 and-for quarterly reports-from the fourth quarter of 2014. Positions (with the exception of securities that are reported with ISIN code, see below) vis-à-vis these entities on counterpart sector NFI should be decreased via other changes. Then they should be increased via other changes vis-à-vis the OFI sector (on forms for domestic i.c. country Netherlands). If you have already submitted the monthly report on October 2014, we are would like to receive a re-reporting. This does not apply to securities which are reported with ISIN code, because for these securities DNB takes care of reclassification itself.
However, the securities of the companies concerned should also with ISIN reporting be reported on the forms for domestic securities (AEN) and not for foreign securities (AEB).