08-12-2016 e-Line BB performanceproblems

Since the introduction of the new e-Line Balance of Payments on 19 November 2016, there have been some performance issues for Representatives and Administrators that conduct the administration in e-Line BB for several reporting institutions. If a single relation number corresponds to a large number of reports this may sometimes cause a delay in the reporting process. DNB is aware of this problem and is working hard to find a solution.

We expect to be able to solve one part of the problem in the course of next week. Once implemented, the solution will ensure that the reporting process in e-Line BB is smooth again, allowing you to open, edit and submit reports normally. The problem regarding retrieving of obligations is still under investigation.
If you have any other questions about using e-Line BB, please contact the ICT Service Desk. For questions about your reports, you can contact your DNB account manager.