12-12-2016 e-Line BB performanceproblems (update)

Last Sunday we have solved one part of the performance problem for e-Line BB, regarding Representatives and Administrators. The fix will ensure that the reporting process in e-Line BB is smooth again, allowing you to open, edit and submit reports normally. The problem regarding retrieving of obligations is still under investigation. On this moment it is still possible that you receive a warning ‘dnb.nl is not responding due to a long-running script’. If you don’t react on the warning and don’t click om the ‘stop script’ button, after some time the obligations will be presented on the screen. The response time can run up to 30 seconds for Representatives and Administrators handling the affairs of more than 10 reporters. 

If you have any other questions about using e-Line BB, please contact the ICT Service Desk. For questions about your reports, you can contact your DNB account manager.