30-09-2019 Publication of final specifications and dates information meeting

DNB has made available the final specifications for the DRA-reporting profile OFK on its website. This concerns:
-    the file with the XML-specifications called ‘XML-specificaties voor de DRA-rapportage vanaf januari 2020’ (only available in Dutch; see under General user documentation > Downloads > XML-specificaties);
-    the forms in PDF-format (see OFK reporting profile > Downloads > Current reporting framework);
-    the notes to the reporting forms profile OFK (only available in Dutch; see OFK reporting profile > Downloads > Current reporting framework).
Substantive changes, alongside some more text / editorial changes, to the draft specifications are: 
 - the reporting deadline is extended from 15 working days at the latest to 30 calendar days at the latest after the end of the reference quarter; 
 - the line Participations less than 10% on sub form PD-C and AD-C has been dropped.
DNB will be hosting an information meeting on Wednesday 20 and Monday 25 November 2019 at 14.00 (choice between one of the two afternoons). Invitations will be sent to the contact persons specified in the registry information.