24-10-2019 New Monthly Securities Report replaces the securities part of the DRA reporting as from July 2020

As of 1 July 2020 DNB will start a new monthly report on securities in the context of macro-economic statistics: the Monthly Securities Report (MSR). This new report replaces the securities part of the macroeconomic statistical reporting DRA. DRA-reporting companies with profile OFK will have to submit a MSR report to DNB via the Digital Reporting Portal, the new reporting portal of DNB. Companies with the DRA-reporting profile OFK may request exemption via an e-mail to ofi@dnb.nl if they hold securities or have outstanding securities for an amount below EUR 5 million. A letter about the MSR that has been sent to reporters with the OFK profile, is also available on the website of e-Line BB beneath Reporting profile OFK and beneath Downloads. More information about the MSR can be found on the website of the Digital Reporting Portal under Statistical reporting and then under Monthly Securities Report.