Reporting profiles

The reporting agreements made with reporters have been set down in so-called reporting profiles. At the bottom of this page, you will find an overview of all different reporting profiles, with the corresponding three-letter-codes. The reporting profiles determine the content of the reports to be submitted in e-Line Balance of Payments. A reporting firm’s profile reflects the domestic economic sector to which it belongs.

DNB appoints selected firms to report figures for the Dutch balance of payments and/or the Dutch sectoral accounts. DNB informs the managing boards of such enterprises or organizations by letter.

All relevant information about the reports is arranged per profile. If you select your profile in the menu items on the left side of this page, see under 'history' to find all information concerning the reports as applicable in the past. This information is possibly relevant in case you are submitting re-reports. If you have any questions concerning submitting re-reports, please contact your account manager at DNB.

DNB distinguishes the following reporting profiles:s

BFI Benchmark (BEB)
Special financial institution (BFI)
Special Financial Institutions, SPVs (BFS)
Investment funds, limited (BIB)
Investment funds, complete (BIC)
Investment funds, minimal (BIM)
Investment funds, full (BIV)
Custodians (BWB)
Clearing Members (CLM)
Central securities depository (CSD)
De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)
Other monetary financial institutions  (MFI)
Non-financial corporations (NFV)
Other financial institutions (OFI)
Other Financial Institutions Quarterly (OFK)
Governmental institutions (OVH)
Pension funds, quarterly reporters (PNK)
Pension funds, monthly reporters (PNM)
Syndicated loans abroad (SLB)
Syndicated loans Netherlands (SLN)
Insurance corporations, quarterly reporters (VRK)
Insurance corporations, monthly reporters (VRM)
Health insurance companies (ZVK)