BEB reporting profile

An institution with the BFI Benchmark profile (BEB) is exempted from the monthly requirement to report to DNB. DNB carries out yearly examinations of the balance sheets of all BFIs registered at DNB via a benchmark report.

Participating reporting institutions receive a letter from DNB about this. The data obtained are used to maintain the population of the monthly BFI reports and to scale up the figures to national aggregates. Institutions with the BFI Benchmark profile (BEB) can find information here about their reports to DNB via e-Line Balance of Payments.

We want to inform you that the benchmarkreport must concern the fiscal year 2018.

For technical questions regarding the reporting tool e-Line BoP, please contact the servicedesk: 020 - 524 6111 (Mo - Fr 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) or consult the FAQ.

For questions with respect to content of the benchmark report, please consult the FAQ or contact the benchmark team:

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