10-01-2008 Amended forms for credit institutions


On 1 January 2008, the adjusted form sets for credit institutions were implemented. See also the reporting framework for Credit institutions.

For details on the alterations - i.e. textual changes and the inclusion of calculation and verification lines in e-Line DNB - see our letters of 5 December 2007 (ref. SI/2007/03236/ver) and 10 January 2008 (ref. SI/2008/00058/ver). The letters can be accessed on the 'Credit institutions' page under 'Correspondence' and the specifications of the adjusted forms and the reporting profiles for 2008 under 'User documentation'.
In our letter of 5 December 2007, you were informed of the changes in the CEBS reporting framework, the calculation and verification lines and about e-Line DNB. We indicated that those changes would be implemented via the simulation environment as of mid-February 2008. The adjusted Corep and Finrep forms were added to the simulation ID on 1 January 2008. This means you will have to open the March 2008 reporting forms to get the latest Corep and Finrep forms. All previous periods contain the ‘old’ Corep and Finrep sets.
Please contact your DNB account manager if you have any questions about de calculation and verification lines in e-Line DNB. 
Institutions intending to opt for the possibility to submit their COREP and FINREP statements to e-Line in XBRL format are hereby referred to the following URLs for the taxonomies to be used: 
http://www.corep.info/taxonomy/taxonomy.html > Download COREP Taxonomy Version 1.2.1 
http://www.finrep.info/taxonomy/taxonomy.html > Download FINREP Taxonomy Version 1.0 for public comments 

For COREP, the Dutch forms will be identical to the CEBS models under Taxonomy version 1.2.1. 
For FINREP, the forms will be different from the CEBS models, so that extension of Taxonomy version 1.0 by DNB will be required.