27-05-2011 e-Line reporting requirement Monitoring Basel III + Migration Basel III

As indicated before, the migration plans and monitoring templates (in preparation to the introduction of Basel III) are to be submitted as attachments through e-Line DNB.

The reporting requirement for the submission of the monitoring templates (and optional explanatory notes) has already been created in e-Line DNB in the month December 2010.
The monitoring template has been published on Open Book Supervision (latest version v2.1.1):

The reporting requirement for the submission of the migration plans will be visible in e-Line DNB from June 1st in the month May 2011.
Last week, all institutions have received an e-mail with information regarding the submission of the migration plan and corresponding migration template.

Questions regarding the monitoring exercise may be addressed to monitoringB3@dnb.nl. For more general questions relating to the Basel III migration, please use the email address migratieB3@dnb.nl.