29-08-2011 Revision/adjustments to liquidity reporting form

As of the reporting month August 2011, a few adjustments will be implemented in the form for liquidity reporting.  The adjustments relate solely to calculation fields and so have no consequences for the input of reporting data.  For the liquidity reports submitted over the past three months, DNB will perform the calculations itself, so that the adjustments will not necessitate the resubmission of reports.

Main adjustments:

  • The total summing up of the available liquidity did not include the item “Remaining from previous periods (maturity schedule)”. This will be included in the reporting form as of August 2011.
  • The hardship clause was wrongly included in the calculation of the liquidity surplus or shortfall. The hardship clause will again be deducted from the surplus or shortfall as of August 2011.

A full overview of all adjustments, and the revised specifications of the form, can be found on the Credit institution page under “User documentation”, “Adjustments Liquidity Reporting Form” .

The adjusted reporting forms will be available in E-Line DNB under your institution’s number as of 1 September 2011.

Should you have any queries, please address them to your contact person for reports.