06-06-2013 Remuneration poll 2012

From today, reporting month December 2012 in e-Line DNB contains the new reporting requirement to supply information on EBA Remuneration 2012. You have already been informed on this poll via email and a message in Open Book (see http://www.toezicht.dnb.nl/7/50-227974.jsp#).

The poll concerns an annual reporting requirement. For 2012, you may complete the template(s) (see the related download on the Open Book page) and attach it to the reporting requirement listed on e-Line DNB. We request that you merely fill in the (Excel) template without modifying it. For reporting instructions, see the same Open Book page.

Should your institution have nothing to report (no high earners), please inform your regular contact at DNB accordingly.

The report must be submitted by Monday, 24 June 2013, at the latest.