24-04-2014 Changed remittance dates for LCR/NSFR, Leverage Ratio solo and COREP solo

The European Commission (EC) has adopted the Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on supervisory reporting on 16 April. It contains changes compared to the version published by the European Commission on 8 January 2014. DNB will further assess these changes and inform the banks subsequently. Also see the news item published on Open Book: http://www.toezicht.dnb.nl/en/7/51-230369.jsp
One of the changes relates to the remittance date of the LCR reports for March and April 2014 and the NSFR
, Leverage Ratio solo and Corep solo for March 2014. The remittance date for these reporting obligations are postponed to 30 June 2014. DNB will alter the remittance dates in e-Line DNB accordingly. The reporting obligation will remain open.
We would like to draw your intention to the previously published documents, which could be relevant for you:
- XML-import specifications iaw the DPM of 8 januari 2014: http://www.dnb.nl/en/statistics/eline-dnb/Credit-institutions/index.jsp
- CRD IV alert Q1 2014: http://www.toezicht.dnb.nl/en/binaries/51-230157.pdf
- CRD IV alert end 2013: http://www.toezicht.dnb.nl/en/binaries/51-229313.pdf