03-06-2014 CRD IV - Changes LCR / NSFR reporting forms "e-Line DNB" not ready yet

In contrast to the previously published news item (http://www.toezicht.dnb.nl/7/50-230627.jsp - Dutch only), it was not possible to fully implement the revisions in the liquidity templates (Annex XII) before 31 May. The revised templates are expected to be available in a few days via e-Line DNB.

We will inform you when the modified liquidity reporting forms (LCR / NSFR) are available via e-Line DNB. Until that time, we strongly urge you to not to open and edit the LCR and NSFR reporting forms via e-Line DNB (to prevent that your data will be overwritten by the revised templates).

The (complete) XML files that relate to the revised liquidity forms are already available under "Downloads".