31-07-2015 Additional data quality checks as of June 2015

DNB has announced in the CRDIV alert that as of June 2015 additional checks will be performed for banks (until further notice excluding branches). The set of additional checks that will be performed as of June 2015 will be uploaded to E-Line DNB under 'user documentation'. The publication will contribute to the common objective of DNB and the banks to further improve the data quality and enhance transperancy. Any updates on the additional checks will be communicated via e-Line DNB in future.

The additional checks concern both consistency and plausibility checks. In case of failing consistency checks, institutions are requested to resubmit the data. For failing plausibility checks institutions are requested to provide an explanation (which will subsequently be assessed by DNB). The results of the additional checks will in due time be sent by e-mail to the institution. Further information on the timelines will be communicated via e-mail.