28-09-2015 Submitting CRD IV reports in single euros from the September 2015 reporting period onwards

You currently submit your CRD IV reports in thousands of euros. The EBA Data Point Model (DPM) assumes data submission in single euros, however. Before submitting the data to the ECB we multiply the figures by 1,000 in order to comply with the EBA and ECB presentation requirements. This means that the ECB and the EBA may reject reports that we approved, due to unacceptably large variations in rounding margins. To solve this issue and bring reporting fully into line with the presentation that the EBA and the ECB require, we have decided, in consultation with the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) to request submission of the CRD IV reports in single euros from now on.

Starting with the September 2015 reporting period, you must submit your CRD IV reports in single euros rather than in thousands of euros. This covers quarterly reports from the third quarter of 2015 onwards and monthly reports from September 2015 onwards.

CRD IV reports include:

  • Corep (including Large Exposures)
  • Leverage ratio
  • LCR
  • Stable funding (NSFR)
  • Finrep GAAP
  • Finrep IFRS
  • Asset Encumbrance
  • Funding plans (as at December 2015)

In our July 2015 sector letter, we wrote that you must submit all reports in single euros from 1 October onwards, including resubmissions. Regrettably, we have concluded that due to technical limitations in e-Line, single euro reporting will not be possible for resubmissions concerning reporting periods before September 2015. Accordingly, resubmissions for reporting periods before September 2015 must still be made in thousands of euros.

All other reports must still be submitted in thousands of euros.


If you have any questions about this subject, please feel free to contact your regular contact in our Monetary and Banking Statistics Department.