29-12-2015 CRD IV - Validation rules "turned off" by DNB - with respect to reports as of December 2015

Under "Downloads" the most recent updated file is published that contains a list of the EBA validation rules that are "turned off" by DNB. The relevant EBA validation rules will not apply, so the reporting requirements can be met regardless of whether the validation rule is exceeded ("triggered") by a bank. The file contains rules that are deactivated by EBA itself(1), but also additional rules that are turned off by DNB, and rules that are turned off because they link two different reporting sets together.

(1) The list of EBA validation rules deactivated by EBA itself (published 2015, December 10th), can be found on the EBA website: http://www.eba.europa.eu/-/eba-issues-revised-list-of-its-validation-rul-8