01-04-2016 Validation checks as of reference period March 2016

All validation checks related to reference period March 2016 have been merged into a single file. In previous periods this were three separate files. In this new file separate tabs are included for:

1) EBA validation checks which are not performed by DNB
2) DNB consistency checks for which errors are communicated by means of the validation report (together with the EBA validation check errors)
3) DNB Triangle checks (both consistency and plausibility) for the purpose of the improvement of the data quality for which errors are communicated by means of a separate Excel file.

Main change is that consistency checks have been moved from the DNB Triangle checks to the DNB consistency checks. By adding these checks to the list of DNB consistency checks, a faster feedback will be achieved, namely immediately after submitting together with the EBA validations errors in the validation report.

The updated file can be found under 'user documentation’ since 31 March 2016