10-05-2016 CRD-IV Alert XBRL Special - May 2016

A new edition of the CRD-IV Alert XBRL special has been published.

This edition of our CRD-IV Alert XBRL Special focuses on the following subjects:

1.   DLR live
2.   Testing
3.   Points for attention for submitting reports in XBRL format
4.    Questions

Among other things, you will find explanation about required templates and how to use filing indicators in the XBRL files to indicate that a required template has been reported.

This CRD-IV Alert XBRL Special can be found under “Downloads/Correspondence”.

You will also find the file “Required templates and filing indicators” under “Downloads/User documentation”. This file indicates per report which templates are required, not allowed or optional and which corresponding filing indicator should be used in the XBRL report.