03-12-2010 Simplified set of reports

The management boards of investment firms eligible for the simplified e-Line DNB set of reports were informed of same by letter of 3 December 2010. As submission of the reports is often outsourced, we will also e-mail this information to all contact persons using e-Line DNB. The information is intended solely for firms with the Set50k profile as of 1 January 2011. These are virtually all investment firms with minimum assets of EUR 50,000. This e-mail may therefore not be intended for you.

The information below comprises the letter of 3 December to the management board, an explanation of the new set of reports, a sample and an elaboration of the new reports.

We also inform you that, in future, the log-in page to e-Line is accessible through the DNB website. You will be directed to the log-in page for the time being. The investment firms button is at the top of the new page. You must click on it to file your report; you will see an overview of relevant news items, user documentation and correspondence. A “Logging into e-Line DNB” button is on the left of the screen. Clicking on this and on the “Directly to the log-in page” button on the next screen will bring you to the e-Line DNB application.

The above information is be available under “User documentation” on the Investment Firms page.