28-02-2008 Revised Corep and Finrep reporting templates released

The revised Corep and Finrep templates (including new calculation and verification lines) have been available in e-Line DNB from 28 February 2008.

A number of improvements have been made in the CA template (calculation of available capital / total capital charge).

The templates for calculation of both credit and market risk have been linked to the CA template. You should complete these forms first. The results will be copied automatically into the CA template. We recommend that you use the calculation aids in completing the forms (see the General user documentation). For now, you must manually copy the results of the other forms to the template.

Line 2 of the CA template (total capital charge) must also be completed manually. For 50k enterprises (Limited License Waiver) this amount is always equal to line 2a. For 730k enterprises that have opted to use the Limited Activity waiver, this amount equals line 2b; and for enterprises that have opted for the Temporary waiver, or those that calculate operational risk according to the BIA method or the SA method, this line equals line 2c.

For more information on reporting, please consult the General user documentation).