22-12-2015 No decision on migration to XBRL for CRD-IV reporting of investment firms

DNB has been made aware by a number of investment firms that commercial parties have contacted them with offers to arrange for the translation of their CRD-IV reporting into XBRL-format. DNB would like to emphasise that – contrary to the case for banks – no decision has been made to require the provision of CRD-IV reporting of investment firms in XBRL-format. (The commercial parties had mistakenly drawn this conclusion on the basis of documentation provided for an information session organised for the banks.) For now, the form entry and the import of XML-files through e-Line DNB will be maintained for investment firms. There are plans to migrate the CRD-IV reporting of investment firms to a new reporting portal, as e-Line DNB will in future be replaced. We will inform you as soon as possible when the timing and the new mode of reporting have been determined. We also want to emphasise that DNB does not cooperate in any way with commercial acquisition activities. However, everyone – including commercial parties- is free to use publicly available information such as the register of supervised entities.