19-12-2014 Reporting requirements non-EU managers

No reporting profile will currently be allocated to non-EU AIFMs notified pursuant to article 42 AIFMD (article 1:13b section 1 and 2 or 2:66 Dutch Act on Financial Supervision (“AFS”)). Consequently, for the time being these non-EU AIFMs do not have to report in e-line on the figures per 31 December 2014. The Netherlands Central Bank (“DNB”) and the Netherlands Authority on the Financial Markets (“AFM”) currently initially request the reporting of licensed AIFMs (article 2:65 AFS) and notified AIFMS (article 2:66a AFS). DNB will send a letter to these non-EU AIFMs in due course informing them on the fund reporting profile and the initial date for these fund reports. Until that time no enforcement action will be taken with regards to the reporting obligation of these non-EU AIFMs.