30-01-2015 Corrections to the AIFMD templates

We regretfully have to report that the Excel-templates for the AIFMD-reports published on this website last December contained incorrect row-numbers ("rij-nummers"). You need these row-numbers when you use XML-import files to submit these reports through e-Line DNB. You will find a new version of the Excel-templates with the correct row-numbers under the heading "Downloads - XML-import specificaties". We have included a file specifying the forms and cubes which contained incorrect row-numbers under "User documentation" with the title "28-1-2015 Inconsistencies excel-templates". We have also documented all the changes in row-numbers for each of the forms in this file. The content of the reports itself has not changed. Only the row-numbers have been corrected.
Our apologies for the inconvenience.
We would like to remind you that the deadline for reporting with respect to end-2014 - as announced in the letter dated 24 November 2014 - for this once has been extended to 28 February. In e-Line DNB you will find a deadline for reporting of 30 January. For the reports with respect to end 2014, you can ignore this deadline. Reporting deadlines for subsequent periods will return to one month, as normal.