10-02-2015 Extension in reporting deadline AIFMD templates to 31 March 2015 as a result of corrections

As a consequence of the corrections that DNB reported on 30 January 2015 regarding the AIFMD templates, it was decided to extend the reporting deadline of the AIFMD AIF Fund Reporting template and the ESMA Fund Manager Reporting template to 31 March 2015. It appears that these corrections in certain cases lead to considerable adjustments to software for reporting entities. To allow for sufficient time for these adjustments DNB has decided to extend the reporting deadlines. In e-Line DNB you will still find a reporting deadline of 30 January. For the aforementioned reports with respect to the period ending 2014, you can ignore this deadline.
Please be aware that the reporting deadline of 28 February for the DNB fund manager reporting template remains unchanged. This applies to the following reporting profiles:
 “AIFM Beheerder / Fund Manager (H)”, “COMBI Beheerder / Fund Manager (H)” of “ICBE Beheerder / Fund Manager (H)”. This DNB fund manager reporting template is separate from the abovementioned ESMA AIFMD templates.