03-06-2016 Implementation of additional data checks on AIFMD reporting


Starting with the reporting for 2016Q2 and 2016H1 (normally due by the end of July), the AIFMD reporting templates have been modified on a number of important points. The changes will of course also be implemented in the yearly reports for 2016.
The most significant modification in comparison to the current version is the introduction of ESMA-compliant data checks. While reporting through e-Line DNB, you will therefore be confronted with blocking or signalling checks more often. In addition, we have tried to solve a number of problems in the current version of the forms. Finally, we have made a number of minor changes to the contents and some of the texts.
We advise you to pay attention first to resolving all the blocking checks, recognisable by the “Yes” in the column for “Blocking”. Otherwise the report cannot be submitted.
In order to allow you to adjust your reports (if necessary) to the modifications, we have decided to extend the reporting deadline exceptionally for reports with a deadline by the end of July only, by two weeks to 15 August 2016.
The document titled “2016-06-03 Overview changes to the AIFMD reporting templates (june 2016)” provides detailed information of the changes we have made for each of the sets. This document is available on our AIFMD website under the heading “Downloads – User documentation”. The modified import specifications are available as usual on the same website under the heading “XML-Import specifications”.