20-01-2012 New feature in e-Line DNB: Consult archives

As of 1 January 2012, a Consult archives option will become available after you have submitted a report in e-Line DNB (status Accepted). Upon submission of your report forms, e-Line DNB automatically generates a PDF file and archives it. The Consult archives option will appear after you have submitted the report forms in the returns list.

The Print form set option and the print option in the form will disappear upon submitting the report forms. To be perfectly clear: as long as you are editing the report set or if you submitted the report forms before 1 January 2012, the print options will remain available. Please also see the e-Line DNB user manual, section 5.13 (under General user documentation).

For any authentication of your reports, you will have to use the archived PDF files.